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     Xtreme Mountain Racing, or XMR, was renamed in 2001 when new owners Brent & Mira Gates and Michael & Teresa Stoffle took over the circuit from Phil Vallem.  Back in the day, sno-cross was big with well over 100 members and two full days of racing. As time went by, sno-cross began to dwindle. To bring more to the son-cross events, vintage racers approached XMR with requests to do some drag racing competition. At that point, XMR included drag racing on Sunday for all models and CC’s. The most enjoyable time was spent at the Saturday night awards dinner. All the families and kids spent the entire evening together celebrating and reflecting on the day’s race events.


     The whole XMR family is a very big part of why the sport succeeds. Many thanks to the major players and families who gave countless volunteer hours and they are: 

Michael and Teresa Stoffle, Mark and Julie Jolstad, Mike and Vicky Murphy, Colton Murray, David and Sheryl Chapman, Brian and Shannon Hasenack, Jay Wagner, Gary Moss, the Mathews family, and the Gill family. Thanks to Matt Reed & Will Brown for working as our main groomers. Greg Lonero, Tony Cook, Darwin Hogy, Dean Charpentier is our vintage racing alumni. XMR has been their life for 15 years and they are so excited that XMR is keeping the racing alive in Western Colorado.


     Today, XMR specializes in managing, coordinating, and hosting vintage snowmobile races within Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. XMR has been doing these events since 2007. We manage 22 different race classes from the Junior Minis to the Outlaw Mods. We have a variety of classes to fit every racer of all ages, from children to senior citizens 60 and older. Currently, we coordinate vintage races at six locations and the biggest one being the Intermountain Xtreme Spring Fling in West Yellowstone, Montana. 


     Our XMR Team consists of 21 team players from all around the region and is lead by Kevin and Jessica Kronfuss. Our team has been requested to get involved with more events in the last couple of years due to the overwhelming satisfaction of how our team makes the vintage races a blockbuster event.


     For more information on Xtreme Mountain Racing and upcoming events, please view our website at www.xmr-racing.com.


Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/XMRer/

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